UCloudlink Extends Partnership With Vodafone On Data Procurement

UCloudlink Extends Partnership With Vodafone On Data Procurement


(RTTNews) – uCloudlink (UCL), a mobile data traffic sharing marketplace, Monday said it has extended its partnership with Vodafone Global Enterprise (VOD, VOD.L) on data procurement, which has spanned six years.

Under the partnership, Vodafone works as one of uCloudlink’s data suppliers and ensures the company’s occasional expansion of data traffic capacity and coverage.

uCloudlink procures data through traditional wholesale packages, powered by its cloud SIM technology. The company also obtains data from under-utilized network resources as well.

uCloudlink said it has also developed proprietary algorithms to analyze historical data usage patterns and predict future data traffic demand. Based on the prediction, it can dynamically select the networks and utilize the data traffic available on its platform. This will ensure reliable mobile data connectivity services to users.

According to the company, its partnership with Vodafone is the tip of the iceberg for the opportunities presented to uCloudlink in the early 5G era.

With the international travel market on its way to recovery following the expected successful completion of COVID-19 vaccine trials, uCloudlink isaid it s poised to capitalize on the new opportunities brought about by 5G, to further develop its business potential in 2021 and beyond.

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