Traffic Sign Inventory Will Be Conducted for St. Clair; Grant Received to Fund Project | Saint Clair

Traffic Sign Inventory Will Be Conducted for St. Clair; Grant Received to Fund Project | Saint Clair


An ordinance on sign inventory, which was tabled at the last St. Clair Board of Aldermen meeting, was approved at Monday’s meeting.

The ordinance calls for a traffic sign inventory to be completed by Access Engineering, LLC, in the amount of $10,315.92.

To help fund the project, the city received an $8,000 grant from the Missouri Department of Transportation (MoDOT).

MoDOT has a program called Traffic Engineering Assistance. The program funds small traffic-related projects such as signal improvements and traffic studies.

Access Engineering will locate the signs, take photos and enter the information in the city’s GIS system.

A list of what needs to be replaced would be given to city officials.

The question among the aldermen at the July 16 meeting was if the $2,315.92 cost was worth spending.

It was noted at the last meeting by Public Works Director Jason Ivie that the federal government put out a mandate years ago for signs to be more reflective. The yellow warning signs were supposed to have been changed by the end of 2015.

Most of city’s signs have been changed, but not all, according to Ivie.

“This will allow the city to have an official sign inventory of all the different signs that are throughout the city to show if they’re updated with new reflectivity requirements or if they’re not,” City Administrator Travis Dierker said.

“This gives us a formal document to be able to present and say these are the signs that we have completed (and) here’s our plan on getting the rest of the signs,” he explained.

Dierker added that the inventory will help Ivie and himself when calculating the cost of sign replacements. He noted some recent sign replacements, and mentioned that the signs have to be taller and more reflective.

Having Access Engineering completing the sign inventory process rather than having city employees finish the job would be cost-effective and worthwhile, according to Dierker.

Alderman Art Viehland asked if the sign inventory includes state signs. Dierker said it does not since they are not city owned.

Viehland asked if the company would know the difference between a state and city sign and Dierker said they would have the documentation.

Alderwoman Amanda Sikes asked if the grant money to help pay for the project is guaranteed. Dierker said yes, adding that the city was notified about three months ago regarding the grant for 2019.

Dierker said Access Engineering has to have the project completed and approved by the board and by MoDOT by the middle of next May.

The board voted 4-0 in favor of the inventory sign agreement with Access Engineering. The board also voted 4-0 in favor of accepting the grant from MoDOT to fund the project.

Both bills were sponsored by Sikes.


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