Quercetin Procurement Report: Quercetin Benefits, Supplier Benchmarking Criteria, and Cost-Benefit Analysis Insights Now Available from SpendEdge

Quercetin Procurement Report: Quercetin Benefits, Supplier Benchmarking Criteria, and Cost-Benefit Analysis Insights Now Available from SpendEdge


a global procurement market intelligence firm, has announced the release
of their Global
Quercetin Category – Procurement Market Intelligence Report
According to this report, this category is projected to witness an
increasing spend growth momentum due to the growing awareness of the
therapeutic effectiveness of quercetin against a range of ailments like
allergies, cancer, inflammation, diabetes, infections, and human
prostate adenocarcinoma. In addition to this, the demand growth of this
category is attributed to the increasing incorporation of quercetin in
ayurvedic and botanical healthcare products.

“In the quercetin supply market, the buyers are advised to choose
suppliers who employ lean manufacturing processes as they help reduce
wastes and by-products from the manufacturing products. It will benefit
the buyers by improving their production efficiency and cost savings,” says
SpendEdge procurement expert Anil Seth.

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and major cost-saving opportunities for the benefit of both the buyers
and the suppliers.

The procurement experts at SpendEdge expect the following factors to
play a key role in influencing the global category spend for the quercetin

  • Awareness of the therapeutic efficacy of quercetin against a range of
  • Increasing incorporation of quercetin in healthcare products
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Report scope snapshot: Quercetin market

Category pricing insights

  • Supply chain margins
  • Cost drivers impacting pricing
  • Volume drivers impacting pricing
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Best practices

  • Procurement excellence best practices
  • Procurement best practices
  • Sustainability practices
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Category management enablers

  • Procurement organization
  • Category enablers

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