Ice cream truck vandalized, loses $300 worth of inventory | Crime

Ice cream truck vandalized, loses $300 worth of inventory | Crime


Fred’s Snacks and Ice Cream lost close to $300 worth of sweets and treats on Monday due to what owners say was an act of vandalism.

Carolina Holloway and her husband, Nick Holloway, have been driving their ice cream truck around the Roseburg area since mid-May with the occasional problem, but things took a turn for the worse this past weekend.

On Sunday evening, Carolina Holloway said the couple got home and plugged the truck’s freezer into an electrical outlet using an extension cord that was fed through the garage window. The next morning, Holloway woke up and went to go prepare the truck for the day when she noticed the cord had been severed and most of the ice cream had melted.

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Much of the inventory had been purchased in Portland on Saturday, including their character-themed treats like Hello Kitty and Spongebob bars. Some of the frozen goodies near the bottom of the fridge were salvaged, but anything that had partially melted was thrown away due to health concerns, Holloway said.

The cord was likely cut with a pair of scissors or sliced with a knife and looked as if it had been cut deliberately, Holloway said. Based on how much of the ice cream had melted, she said the extension cord was cut sometime in the middle of the night, probably between 2 and 4 a.m.

Holloway made a post explaining the incident on their Facebook page shortly afterward.

“This will not stop us from continuing to run our ice cream truck and bring joy to the kiddos,” she wrote.

Tracee Frank, of Green, one of Holloway’s frequent customers, gave her support to the couple in a comment on the post.

“I have no words for this…Nick & Carolina you two are so kind and giving…you bring A LOT of smiles and joy to this community,” Frank wrote. “I am deeply saddened that someone would be so malicious as to do this to you and I’m also very sorry about all the money in inventory lost… Karma will catch up with these awful awful people!!!”

This isn’t the first time the truck has been vandalized, Holloway said. It was scratched up and had its tires were slashed, all of which was reported to police. But this time, Holloway said she didn’t file a report because she doesn’t think there is anything the police can do.

Since the incident, the Holloways replaced the extension cord, restocked the truck and began rolling through neighborhoods by Tuesday afternoon. Holloway said people have offered to give them money, but she’s refused, taking nothing but their kind words of encouragement.

“We love everybody with all their support and we’re going to continue,” Holloway said.

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